This summer where champions are made and legends born Flow Society's New Racket Sports Shorts will be making their debut in pro shops at the South West Classic and US Open with new gear and fashion!
Tennis tournament gear will never be the same! Our Flowologists have stormed the tennis and pickleball  courts and are here to serve up the competition with wild and crazy designs that there is no answer to!  Introducing the Men's 7 inch and 9 inch Tennis and Pickle Ball short plus the classic flow lengths for youth sizes!  These shorts have been made with special fabrics that allow them all the dynamism needed to make all those big moves on the court while looking like the cool flow cucumber you are.  In addition, we have rolled out a men's, double-layer, red compression short that not only gives you the added support for playing on the courts but lets you command your opponent with a flash of flow that they won't forget anytime soon!